​Nature-logical Parenting

...raising a happy, healthy and successful child

The concept of Nature-logical Parenting is a person centered, nature based and neurologically informed way to raise a child. We are currently faced with challenges never before seen in the history of humans. The worrisome increase in mental disorders in children, technological advancements, more fluid family systems, and academic pressure are just examples of what children nowadays deal with. We have inner city kids, who are entirely removed from nature and we are raising the first generation growing up in front of electronic screens. Although medical advancement have made our time the physically safest ever for children, we have at the same rate created a hostile environment for their emotional development, and I believe it is our responsibility to support our children in managing this imbalance. 

Nature-logical Parenting aims to combine the neuro-biological reality of the parent child relationship with the child's social emotional needs and our society's

contemporary demands.

My experience as a child therapist lead me to a unique point of view when it comes to the often cited debate of Nature vs. Nurture, and it is this paradigm shift that created the approach of Nature-logical Parenting. In many areas we look at causalities. In any chemical reaction, any computer programming, actually in any science the input determines the output. Why would the human brain work any different? A child's brain reflects precisely the circumstances of it's environment. So nature and nurture are in fact intertwined in a way that is hard for us to comprehend, given that many environmental factors are out of our control or ability to recognize. Therefore they are seen as random nature rather than nurture. In theory, child development can be expressed as an algorithm with an unlimited number of variables, and I am motivated to help families find the ideal individualized "input data" to successfully create the happy and healthy outcome​ they desire for their children's future.​