Equine Assisted Coaching  for individuals, families, and groups is a powerful way to explore personal growth and development, communication skills, as well as mindfulness.

I am an advanced certified facilitator of the EAGALA model (Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association), and I collaborate with multiple other professionals, non-profit organizations, and equine partners, in order to provide the best learning experience for clients.

‚ÄčEquine Assisted Coaching

Horses have a special way to support humans and be unique partners on our journeys to health and happiness. Their natural instincts as prey and herd animals, combined with their long history of being around humans, let them accurately read our emotions. The horses' way of reacting to our energy, breathing rate and body language is always immediate, honest, and non-judgmental. The connection to a horse is like no other relationship, and at the same time it will reflect the patterns in your life perfectly. Horses can help us see ourselves more clearly, and provide the ideal environment for healing and recovery. This scientifically proven coaching technique is a powerful tool to regain resilience, insight and control in your life.