Stable Ground Counseling LLC offers Equine Assisted Coaching  for groups and individuals to promote Personal Growth and Development, including Wellness as well as Mindfulness Skills.

Community Partnerships

Mobius Path Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, that is running an educational animal sanctuary. Not only do we collaborate with Mobius Path on several projects focused on social skills and empathy development, we also donate a percentage of our revenue to their efforts to provide a safe haven for rescue horses.

​​EquiSense Solutions LLC provides Equine Assisted Learning and Psychotherapy in New Jersey, and frequently collaborates with us for research and evaluation purposes. 

Horses have a special way to support humans and be unique partners on our journeys to health and happiness. Their natural instincts as prey and herd animals, combined with their long history of being around humans, let them accurately read our emotions. The horses' way of reacting to our energy, breathing rate and body language is always immediate, honest, and non-judgmental. The connection to a horse is like no other relationship, and at the same time it will reflect the patterns in your life perfectly. Horses can help us see ourselves more clearly, and provide the ideal environment for healing and recovery. This scientifically proven coaching technique is a powerful tool to regain resilience, insight and control in your life.

Equi+ Seminars

Stable Ground Counseling LLC is proudly partnering with multiple wonderful organizations. We hope that these relationships help us to create a positive social and environmental impact together, and we share a multitude of common values with our community partners. These include a strong research orientation to provide a high standard and accountability in our services, ethical guidelines for all activities we are involved with, as well as responsibility and respect for nature and animals.

Equine Assisted Personal Development and Coaching

For our recurring Equi+ seminars, we team up with other body-mind health experts. Each class features an Equine Assisted Wellness session, focused on the principals of a holistic health practice, as well as time to practice with our expert guest instructors. Seminars are suitable for all levels, no riding involved. Please dress comfortably and according to weather. Since we keep our classes small for optimal learning outcome, they book out fast.