Your child deserves the best version of your parenting skills. Not sure how to deal with certain issues?

​            - Tantrums                   - ADHD                     - ​Divorce            - Learning Disabilities

            - ​Nightmares                - Power Struggles        - Autism            ...and more

Experience more control and a happier child with parent coaching services in person or on the phone. It is my mission to ​​help parents raise healthy, resilient, pro-social and confident children. The skill set I teach is based on the concept of Nature-logical Parenting, and has been proven to be highly effective for children, including those struggling with inattention, hyperactivity or Autism Spectrum Disorder. The tools I provide for parents are meant to help you raise a smart and happy child. Part of my unique approach is the mindful integration of the parent's challenges, such as divorce, postpartum depression and burnout. I am committed to your success as a family! This includes the following services: Family Analysis, Couples Mediation, Caregiver Counseling, as well as Equine Assisted Coaching.

Supporting your Child's Success - Parent Coaching

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”
- Franklin D. Roosevelt